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Monday, April 30, 2012

NBA Playoff Preview and Picks Round 1

NBA Playoff Overview – There is Still Much to be Decided in these NBA Playoffs

The online sportsbook experts can all agree that these NBA playoffs are extremely
exciting to watch. The Los Angeles Clippers were left for dead by the rest of the league,
but Blake Griffin brought the Clippers back to life in game one against the Memphis
Grizzlies. The Bulls suffered what looks like a major setback to its playoff chances, while
the Knicks get good news on the injury front. There is no doubt that, as the weekend
approaches in the NBA playoffs, the betting sites will have plenty to keep an eye on as
each series continues to progress.

All Games are Scheduled for Saturday May 5

Indiana Pacers @ Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic seem to be adjusting well to the loss of superstar Dwight Howard as
the Magic took the first game in this series against a young Pacers team. While the Magic
may have a good enough bench to beat the Pacers, the price per head sports experts are
not going to give the Magic much of a chance of getting any further than the first round
of the playoffs. But this series is far from over. The Pacers can be aggressive when it
needs to be and pressuring this Magic team as it tries to find its way without Dwight
Howard is how to beat Orlando.
Pick: Indiana Pacers

Memphis Grizzlies @ Los Angeles Clippers
The Clippers lack the rebounding and defensive play to be an NBA champion, but those
are two aspects of its game that the team is working on. The Clippers looked hesitant and
almost intimidated by its first taste of the playoffs in a very long time. Blake Griffin had
never played in a playoff game before, and he looked overwhelmed at first. But when the
second half of game one started, the entire Clippers team looked ready to go. Griffin took
over the game and there was little that the Grizzlies could do. This series will probably go
at least six games and has the potential to go seven. But the Clippers are tough at home,
and that will come out in this game.
Pick: Los Angeles Clippers

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Dallas Mavericks
A 5 dimes review of the Dallas Mavericks roster at the beginning of the seasons shows a
team that had to let a lot of bench talent go after its championship run last year. While it
would be a great story to see Dirk Nowitzki lead the Mavericks to a successful defense
of its NBA title in these playoffs, it seems extremely unlikely against an Oklahoma City
Thunder team so deep in talent. This could very well be the last game of the season for
the Dallas Mavericks.
Pick: Oklahoma City Thunder

San Antonio Spurs @ Utah Jazz
NBA fans always enjoy it when the San Antonio Spurs and the Utah Jazz get together
for a playoff series. But the Jazz just does not have the weapons it has had in the past to
combat the play of the Spurs. San Antonio is attacking Utah with Mano Ginobili, Tony

Parker and Tim Duncan, and the Jazz has no reply. As with the Mavericks, this could be
the last game of the season for Utah.
Pick: San Antonio Spurs


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